Looking Backwards: Mabat Summery of 2020

2020 Was a special and Challenging year, also for us At Mabat. Our programs take place in conjunction with the academic year, and our report covers this period,. However, 2020 was so different, that we feel that there is so much we wish to share with you, and therefore we bring you this summary of the calendar year.

We commenced 2020 with a record number of Dialogue Process groups, the Shagi initiative and the development of community building programs. And then, of course, Covid-19 arrived, and taught us many new things, including issues that affected us in inter-cultural, personal and professional contexts.

In this annual report we will tell you about how we coped this year, employing a model for organizational adaptivity which was developed to assess how organizations adapted their activities during the period of the Covid-19 crisis. The model helped us with our organizational strategy, and we think that it illuminates interesting insights regarding the current situation and the implications it has for us.