Intercultural Awareness on the Open Seas

This summer, members of Mabat’s intercultural community took the trip of a lifetime, a sailing excursion in collaboration with the maritime social initiative Mifrasim (‘sails’ in Hebrew). After a long period of nothing but virtual encounters – in keeping with Covid-19 restrictions – we were able to take our participants on an adventure out on the open seas. Finally our community of participants, alumni, partners and allies were able to meet face-to-face, and wrap up the summer on a high note.

Mabat joined forces with Mifrasim for this event. Mifrasim hosts group journeys at sea on its very own giant sailboat. At Mifrasim, group sailing excursions serve as a powerful tool for social change. Sailing presents a metaphor for daily life: moving forward requires an intense group effort and close cooperation. The group must work together to pull the rope, direct sails and turn the steering wheel. And also just as in life, there are challenges: sea sickness, fears, and the great joy in prevailing together.

The group must work together to pull the rope, direct sails and turn the steering wheel.

But perhaps the most joyous part of the day was meeting up with many program alumni from multiple campuses and different program years, who came together as a single unified community. Due to the shared values and motivation of our diverse participants and alumni, the group was immediately able to communicate and work together as a unit. 

After the sailing trip, we sat together to eat dinner and talk with one another. It was incredibly interesting to share and hear community members’ motivations to search for shared experiences, and for opportunities to do things as part of a more diverse community than they encounter in their day-to-day lives.

Sailing towards a better future

This is our chance to create a broad, diverse and rich community that allows us to create any activity that supports the values and needs of our members – from an exciting sailing trip to cultural events and even workshops for personal and professional development. We want to invite you to join us on this journey of community building and to help us envision and create a unique hub for social initiatives and intercultural encounters.

To join our Facebook Group, “Kehilat Mabat – Intercultural Discourse” (please note that most content is in Hebrew).

A huge thank you to Mifrasim for the amazing excursion, and to the United States Embassy of Israel for supporting our new intercultural community.