Haifa University

Since 2008, the Mabat non-profit organization has been active in a number of partnerships and projects at Haifa University. Our main partners at Haifa University are currently the Unit for Social Involvement under the auspices of the Dean of Students, and the Arab-Jewish Institute. In previous years, we held 15 “Mabat” groups, with the participation of over 220 students, in cooperation with the Department for Educational Leadership, the Haifa School of Social Work, the “Open Apartments” program, the Haifa Hillel Student Organization and more.

Three new groups commenced this current school year, within the framework of the “Community Leadership” program, a social action program for Arab and Jewish students that we have partnered with for the past four years. The students in this program volunteer in activity centers in Haifa neighborhoods with mixed Arab-Jewish populations, such as the Ein Hayam (Wadi Jamal) Community Center, the Halisa Community Center, the “Beit Hahesed” association and more.  The students participate in the Mabat program within the framework of a yearlong academic course, which provides supervision and guidance for their activities in the community, and tools for the multi-cultural work that is necessary in the mixed population settings they encounter.

The three groups active in this project include one for new students, who joined the program this year, a continuing group for graduates of last year’s program, which tackles multi-cultural group facilitation and leadership on a more advanced level, and a third group comprised of students living in the dorms on campus, who are active volunteers in joint cultural activities on campus.

In addition, we are running a program in partnership with the Haifa University Art School and the Arab-Jewish Center which is now in it’s second year: a course for “Dialogue, Photography and Art in a multi-cultural society”. The course deals with the subject of identity and diversity in a multi-cultural society through an experiential learning program that is based on assorted art workshops and dialogue.

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