Beit Berl Academic College

The Mabat Organization has been active on the Beit Berl Academic campus since 2011, in cooperation with the Dean of Students and the Student Union. Mabat provides a unique framework for enriching encounters between students studying in the various schools and departments of the College: the School of Education, the Academic Institute for Arab Teacher Training, the School of Government and Social Policy and the School of Art - Hamidrasha. Students participating in the program are entitled to academic credits, within the framework of the Dean’s social involvement program.

In 2011 we started the first pilot group, in 2012 we expanded to two groups, and in 2013 to three groups. This year there are three active groups, an in addition - a fourth group of Mabat graduates will produce and implement multi-cultural campus events for the entire student body of the College.

Students from the Program for Group Facilitation in a Multi-cultural Society are included as facilitators in Mabat groups as part of their internship, and graduates of the program are employed as project directors and assistant facilitators of the program, entitling them to scholarships for Social Involvement.

The Final Projects for the Mabat groups on the Beit Berl campus are directed at enhancing dialogue and involving more students in the multi-cultural circle. Hundreds of additional students participated in the events that Mabat organized on campus, within diverse and creative dialogue and activity groups, For the majority of these students, this was their first opportunity to participate in a multi-cultural interaction and dialogue on campus.

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