Academic College Kinneret in the Jordan Valley

The Mabat non-profit organization has been running programs at the Kinneret Academic College since 2009. Program participants are eligible for two academic credits upon participation in the program for social involvement. A joint strategic perspective with the College aims to increase the number of participants, to implement significant projects on campus and in the community, and to influence the inter-cultural dialogue on campus. So far 7 groups have been held on the Kinneret Academic College for over 100 students.

In  2009 Mabat initiated a pilot group of 10 students at the Kinneret College, and these students received scholarships from the College’s Unit for Social Involvement.

During the 2010 academic year we ran two student groups that were eligible for the first time to receive academic credit for participation in the program for social involvement. In addition, for the first time graduates of the program were integrated into the new groups as assistant facilitators as part of a training that would enable them to become future group facilitators. The final project, which was cooperatively organized by all of the groups, was a joint musical production with popular Jewish and Arab musicians including Ehud Banai, George Sam’an and Salam Darwish. The concert created a significant stir on campus, contributed to lively intercultural discourse, and succeeded in attracting many additional students to Mabat activities.

In 2011 we ran three Arab-Jewish groups, and in response to the request of religious students at the College, we opened a fourth group - a religious-secular forum, that focused on the encounter between religious and secular students on campus.

During the current academic year (2013-2014) we are renewing our activities at the Academic College Kinneret, as part of a project for advancing accessibility for Higher Education initiated by the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) is a sub-committee of the Israeli Council for Higher Education. (CHE)
Two active Mabat groups on campus will be integrated in social action and the production of cultural events for the entire student body.

Articles about our activity in Kinneret academic college (Articles are in Hebrew)